Technology Trends to Watch in 2021


Automation is a big tech term that can often be unclear as to what exactly it means. It ultimately means technologies like cloud computing, updated robotics, big data. For most software companies out there right now, automation is the key technological driver of their business.Automating banking, automated manufacturing, and automation ultimately decreases human effort while maximizing profit potential.


5G technology was the talk of CES this year, and it will become a driving factor in wireless technology growth. 5G will see its greatest amount of implementation in 2020 as manufacturers come out with more 5G phones and the world’s largest telecommunications companies keep their deployment of 5G technology on pace to meet goals.

Implementing 5G across the world will bring higher broadband speeds along with more reliable wireless and mobile networks. This will ultimately allow a greater level of automation and technological proliferation into cities and remote areas. The high data transfer speeds of 5G would allow easy implementation of driverless cars as they would be able to get real-time data about the entire city.


AI plays into the greater automation trend, but it’s advancements are enough to warrant its own discussion. This technology has made it to the top of technology trends lists for many years now and likely will continue to take one of the top spots in the coming decade. Computers are able to learn about the world in the exact same way that humans can, which means that through AI, along with an increase in computing power, computers will be able to start doing more complex human tasks at lightning speeds.


We’ve seen developments in voice technology in the past like Siri, Alexa, and others, but they have often fallen short of human expectation – or are even usefulness in daily life.

Voice is a medium that tends to be organic and free-flowing, something not easily translated into digital technology. As AI and computer learning programs grow in the next decade, expect voice interpreting and voice creating software to move through its current uncanny valley and into a more human-paralleled realm.


Ah, blockchain, the underlying technology of everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. While the future of crypto is often uncertain at times, blockchain is here to stay.

Blockchain technology has only been implemented in a few different industries right now, but it’s poised to provide a secure underlying framework to many aspects of our digital lives.