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Our History:

Hollywood.com dates back to the 1990’s.  In its formative years it was owned by Times Mirror where it was the web site for the Calendar (entertainment) section of the Los Angeles Times.  It was the first web site to display movie showtimes listings on a national basis, via a long-term relationship with the National Association of Theater Owners.  The site features original content and an abundance of videos including movie trailers, interviews and photographs provided to Hollywood.com by the major motion picture studios as well as TV shows, networks, and cable networks so as to showcase their films and TV shows on Hollywood.com.  Hollywood.com is regularly pitched by publicity agents representing a movie, TV show, or talent (including celebrities) to have their clients’ projects featured on Hollywood.com and typically provide Hollywood.com with content to use for that purpose.  The site now has over 500,000 photographs owned by Hollywood.com that were taken over the last two decades by our staff of in-house photographers and tens of thousands of photographs pursuant to licenses from such photo agencies as Getty Images, WENN, Everett, and Splash